Tasty activities

When you say West Zeelandic Flanders, you think of kilometres of beaches, vast polder landscapes and burgundian pleasures. The region is known for its many high-quality restaurants, but what happens in the hinterland in the fertile polders also deserves attention. The polders are bursting with activity. Every day, dozens of producers work with love on the food on your plate. And that shows. Full orchards, fields full of crops and meadows with cows or sheep. The recent period has once again highlighted the fact that residents and guests have a great interest in a local, traceable and ecologically responsible shorter food chain. We want to know where the products on our plates come from. Where exactly does it come from? Who grew it? And what is the best way to use these products?
Foodregion West Zeelandic Flanders aims not only to inform residents and guests about local products, but also to inspire them. By organising a range of activities, regional products are brought to the attention of consumers. Book a guided tour at a producer. You will then get an explanation of what is growing, flourishing, cultivated, bred or landed here in the region. And of course, there will also be a tasting! You will find out what you can find where, how it tastes and how you can prepare it. To help you with the latter, tasting sessions and cooking workshops with local produce are organised for the catering trade as well as for locals and tourists. Or how about culinary bicycle tours, wildforaging walks? It is all being planned for next year.
A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is also central. The consumer is stimulated to consume mainly seasonal products and motivated to buy these while moving (walking or cycling along a route) from the local producer. In this way, a truly sustainable meal can be served. Culinary, nature and inspirational walks, bicycle rides and puzzle tours are being developed for this purpose. If you prefer to go off the beaten track, book a wild picking walk. That way, you will really see nature from a different angle.  And do you have no time or possibility to go out by yourself? Then you can always cook along with a chef via an online video. Had enough walking and cycling and ready for a pampering moment? Then make sure you are in time to reserve a spot for 'a dinner table at the farmer's'. There, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the farm and enjoy local delicacies while an expert explains what's on your plate. In the larger cities, street food is a well-known phenomenon. Let's put the term Regional food on everyone's lips in our Food Region, both literally and figuratively. West Zeelandic Flanders is a must-taste!