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Epicurean fortified town
The border town of Sluis [Sluus] derives much of its character from its ramparts and the impressive Belfort tower. However, Sluis's rich history is not the main reason for its success. Sluis is loved far beyond the border for its ambience, good food and West Zeelandic Flanders hospitality. The special mix of shops attracts a large public, not least because the shops are open seven days a week.
Due to its strategic location, Sluis became a fortified town in 1382. Sluis's heyday lasted until 1450, after which it began to decline due to the silting up of the Zwin. In the early 20th century, several French monasteries came to Sluis. The students' families visited those boarding schools on Sundays. Sluis owes its Sunday opening hours to this. The ramparts, old city gates and the Belfort—you can still find signs of the past everywhere in Sluis.
The wealth and power of Sluis, now and in the past, is reflected by the Belfort (1375). The beautiful interior of the Council Chamber with its works of art is worth a visit. Be sure to climb the Belfort Tower, which offers a beautiful view of the Zeelandic-Flemish landscape from the top.
When in Sluis, don't miss Bizarium, a surprising cabinet of curiosities full of bizarre inventions. The Bizarium museum both inspires and amazes. The collection consists of bizarre inventions that never caught on. Most of the collection's items have been reproduced based on old drawings and patents, in addition to some original pieces.
Sluis not only has a rich history, but it is also home to many shops, restaurants and cafes. There is a huge range of shops, which is what makes shopping in Sluis so much fun. What's more, the shops in Sluis are always open, all year round!
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