Culinary tourism

West Zeelandic Flanders is characterised by its endless polder landscape and vast beaches. The fertile (clay) soil has traditionally made for good farming in the region. But in addition to the agricultural sector, the tourist sector is also of great (economic) importance. Every year, millions of day trips and millions of overnight stays take place in the region. Cooperation between both sectors therefore offers many opportunities. Food tourism or culinary tourism is about experiencing food in a way that is different from usual. Going off the beaten track to notice and experience the differences in food, its origin, preparation, presentation and way of eating.
The past period has once again highlighted the fact that not only guests in the region have a great interest in a local, traceable and ecologically sound short food chain, but also the local residents themselves. They also make trips, visit the catering industry, go on walks and cycle tours through the region. They too want to know where products come from, how they are grown and how they can be used. Both locals and tourists are increasingly interested in special and healthy food with a good and honest origin.
For many holidaymakers, culinary activities are an attractive way of getting to know a holiday destination better; enjoying local flavours and specialities is therefore becoming increasingly important. West Zeelandic Flanders is a destination known not only for its beautiful countryside but also increasingly for its (high-quality) culinary offerings in catering establishments and unique chefs' preparations. Food and tourism are inextricably linked here in the region. West Zeelandic Flanders is a destination that you can experience with your senses by smelling, feeling, seeing and, above all, tasting everything that comes from the sea and the land.
Countless chefs prepare the best of the region for you in restaurants. From a simple but delicious basic dish to a special culinary experience and taste explosion: West Zeelandic Flanders has it all! Home cooks will also find what they are looking for. Walking or cycling through the vast polder landscapes, you can almost trip over the food producers. Here and there you will come across stalls selling eggs, fruit or vegetables and in Breskens you will find all the goodies from the sea. Food tourism comprises a wide range of activities and experiences. You can actively go out on foot or by bike to get fresh produce from the farmer. The farmer will proudly tell you the story behind the food on your plate. You can also choose to plan an educational afternoon and be informed about how the local delicacies are made. Of course, this is often accompanied by a tasting! Wine, cheese or ice cream, the possibilities are diverse! In the season, markets are often organised or a visit to a food festival is a possibility. Walking around, looking, smelling and tasting; it will soon take you a couple of days! And once you have tasted the local dishes, you will naturally want to learn how to prepare them yourself. For this purpose, you can book a workshop with an experienced chef. He will not only teach you the tricks of the trade, but also what to look out for when you go shopping. Armed with the chef's knowledge, you can relive your holiday at home. Although you will have to come back from time to time to buy those fresh, specific West Zeelandic Flanders ingredients. No problem! #wewezienjehiergraag.