Active in nature

Enthusiasts know the rich nature of West Zeelandic Flanders. The mudflats and salt marshes, the dunes, dikes and creek remnants. They tell the story of the struggle against the water. Sometimes the sea won, other times man. West Zeelandic Flanders is also a National Landscape—and with good reason.
West Zeelandic Flanders is both authentic and adventurous. The culture of historical towns goes hand in hand with the sea and beach. Warm and lush in summer, bold and expansive in winter. Discover the most beautiful locations by bike or on foot. A network of paths and routes takes you along hidden creeks, lovely polder dikes and old smuggling trails.
Walk or cycle across the dunes against a backdrop of wide beaches with rows of groynes as breakwaters in the sea. In the hinterland, the fields turn brilliant yellow, blue, red and green shades in springtime. Enjoy the tranquil beauty, infinite space and the play of light— this is nature at its finest!