Products in the spotlight

The short food chain is attracting increasing interest from residents and visitors to West Zeelandic Flanders. Consumers like to know how the food has travelled on their plates and how it was produced. Forgotten' products are also making a comeback. This often raises the question of how best to use these products. The cultural and agricultural heritage, the lost knowledge about the handling, preparation and processing of some of these products is something that needs attention. Foodregion West Zeelandic Flanders wants to use the existing authentic knowledge and experience about cooking to inspire residents and guests and show them the various possibilities. By (re)highlighting the products of agriculture, fisheries, growers and breeders and bringing them to the attention of local consumers and the hospitality industry, a stable and growing sales market is created as well as a good opportunity for newcomers to this market.
A knowledge bank is being built with information about products and tastes in the West Zeelandic Flanders Food Region. In addition to explanations about the history, growing methods and cultivation, applications of the product will be explained. There will also be a strong emphasis on the products of the month. After all, every season brings different products. Think of asparagus, beans, sea lavender, apples, cherries, new potatoes, onions or lamb. By means of a Regional Seasonal Calendar, everyone can see when you can enjoy which product.
A number of products that are inextricably linked to the region will be included in the knowledge bank. Think for instance of potatoes and onions. What not everybody knows anymore is that there are different kinds of potatoes and onions. The best-known types are not always the tastiest or the best for the preparation you have in mind. By putting the products in the spotlight, the different varieties become better known. This is necessary, because unknown makes unloved. The onion, for instance, is the most widely eaten vegetable, a real friend of everyone. But did you know, for example, that a white onion is very suitable to put on a pizza? Because it does not caramelise in the oven, it remains much tastier than its (much better known, and therefore more sold) yellow brother. And that not every potato is suitable for frying? Foodregion West Zeelandic Flanders will explain it to you so that you not only get the best of the region, but also the best of the season and the best for your application. And to make it even easier for you, the knowledge base also includes recipes from local chefs. So you can get to know the classics of the region from a completely different