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Village behind the dike
Located at the mouth of the Westerschelde, the little town of Hoofdplaat [d'Oôfploate] is the youngest town in Zeelandic Flanders. You can walk to the lookout point from the promenade, where you have a beautiful view of the busy Westerschelde.
Seal spotting
Your best chance to see seals is from the Zeedijk. They usually lie in the sun on sandbanks between Nummer Eén and Hoofdplaat. Bring binoculars just in case!
Switchback and Canadian liberation route
Operation Switchback ended the Second World War for West Zeelandic Flanders. On 6 October 1944, the Canadians landed unexpectedly between Biervliet and Hoofdplaat. After nearly a month of intense fighting, the German commander surrendered on 3 November. Hoofdplaat is also the starting point of the Canadian Liberation Route. The route is thirty-three kilometres long and runs from Hoofdplaat via Oostburg and Zuidzande to Knokke in Belgium. The Canadian Liberation March is walked by thousands of participants on the first Sunday of  November every year.
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