Sint Anna ter Muiden

The smallest city in the Netherlands
Blink, and you'll miss it: St. Anna ter Muiden [Sint Anna ter Mu]. It is, without doubt, the best-kept secret of West Zeelandic Flanders. It doesn't get much more picturesque than this. The relatively large town hall is a clue that this place has known other times. Mude, as St Anna ter Muiden was originally called, received city rights in 1242, making it older than Sluis. It was an important and lively trading town and outport of Bruges. With just 50 inhabitants, this mini-city was declared a protected cityscape in its entirety in 1967.
The heavy, square tower stump, a remnant of the 14th-century Gothic cruciform church, the 18th-century town hall and the Louis XVI water pump make the picturesque town of St Anna ter Muiden worth a visit.
We look forward to seeing you in Sint Anna ter Muiden! 💛