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Asparagus and wine
The border town of Eede [d'Ee] in West Zeelandic Flanders gained national fame because of a 'flour line'. On 13 March 1945, Queen Wilhelmina (King Willem-Alexander's great-grandmother) set foot on Dutch soil for the first time after five years of exile. The queen chose Eede because it, like the entire region, had been hit very hard by war's violence. Amidst loud cheers from the local population, Wilhelmina walked a line of white flour, a hastily drawn symbolic indication of the national border.
Where there are borders, there is smuggling. Belgium was declared independent in 1830, and the region became a smuggler's paradise. The narrow shortcuts around Eede leave no room for guessing. The favourites were tobacco, butter, petroleum and Sunlight soap. The smuggling routes lend themselves perfectly to an introduction to the region.
Today, Eede is famous far and wide for its asparagus and winemaking.
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