Proud of the farmer

In the polders of West Zeelandic Flanders, there is no getting away from the fact that agriculture rules here! The vast, fertile polders are brimming with fruit and vegetables. At many farms, you will find small stalls or vending machines offering fresh produce. Here and there, signs will even invite you to attend an educational tour or tasting. In addition to a seasonally changing visual delight, the farmers in the region also provide a true culinary delight!
Society is paying increasing attention to conscious, special and healthy food; food with a good and honest origin. In addition, consumers are increasingly looking for experiences with food; authentic experiences, seeing and tasting that local food makes a difference. This offers opportunities for the farmer to produce and sell products locally and thus to promote the short chain to the consumer. And to emphasise the importance of the agricultural sector. Because it seems so simple and self-evident that there is always (more than enough) food available, but any farmer can tell you that food production is far from simple. Late night frost or a (number of) heavy hailstorms can ruin a fruit harvest and a deluge of rainwater can leave tubers rotting in the ground. And no harvest means no income for the farmer, while costs have been incurred. As we have read in the newspapers over the past few years, livestock farms are not exempt from disaster either, due to virus outbreaks, among other things.
It is actually a miracle of nature every time the fields are full of waving meadows and the orchards are full of fruit. And that you can buy eggs whenever you feel like a pancake. We can be proud of the farmer. They supply what we need: potatoes, vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and milk for dairy products. Imagine if you had to provide all your own food. Being self-sufficient takes an incredible amount of time and energy. You would have to work your land every day; digging, sowing, planting, weeding, harvesting and keeping your fingers crossed that no disaster would happen and you would be without food. And your animals, which provide you with meat, eggs and milk for dairy products, also need your daily attention and care. You can forget about relaxing with a book or watching Netflix.

So be proud of the farmer. And while you are sitting on the couch with a book tonight, or watching Netflix, the farmer will make sure that you can enjoy your favourite food without having to put in too much effort yourself next weekend!