Food region


West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen must be experienced! It's not just the beautiful countryside, vast polders and miles of beaches that are waiting to be discovered. The region consists of more than just sand and sea: it has an incredibly fertile hinterland where fantastic things happen. In the culinary field, you do not have to get bored for a moment. You will find a wide range of high-quality restaurants where chefs will surprise you with unique dishes and exciting flavour combinations. 

The extensive and fresh range of products from the West Zeeland Flanders polders will make you want to get into the kitchen yourself. And that is made very easy for you. While walking or cycling through the vast polder landscapes, you will come across sales outlets here and there.
Because in addition to a number of farm shops filled with the best from the region, you will also find many stalls along the way offering daily fresh products. Fruit and vegetables, but also home-made jam, fruit sauces, flour, mustard or fruit juices. Just a few of the delicacies you will discover during a trip through West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Make sure you have the right amount of money, because in most cases, they use what is so beautifully called an 'honesty box'.

In addition, amidst unspoiled nature and picturesque villages, you can taste the country's delicacies here and there. Get on your bike and join a cycling tour through the hinterland along a number of local producers and marvel at the flavours of the region. Creamy ice creams, farmhouse cheese, freshly tapped milk, Zeeland wine or ostrich liqueur - you can taste it all fresh from the farm.

That is possible too. Book a guided tour at one of the participants and discover what is involved in producing the food on your plate.
Keep an eye on the activities calendar, because you won't want to miss a regional food festival, a table at the farmer's or a wildflower picking walk during your stay in the region. West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen must be experienced with all your senses; by seeing, feeling, smelling and especially by tasting everything that comes from the sea and the land. For chef and culinary advisor Marcin Beaufort this is reason enough to put the region on the map as a food region.

Indulge your senses; give them a holiday in West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen!