Picturesque and charming
The tower of Groede Church can be seen from far away. The church stands on a Flemish-style market square surrounded by charming gables. The picturesque village of Groede [De Hroe] in West Zeelandic Flanders is well-known for its pudding pies: the Groese paptaart. It is a delicacy dating back to the old tradition of eating pies together on 1 October after paying the annual land rent.
Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed
Slijkstraat is the most visited street in Groede. Here, you can learn about the life of a craftsman 100 years ago. Each cottage in Het Vlaemsche Erfgoed (the Flemish heritage) tells its own story. Buy a cinnamon stick at the "grutter" (grocer), taste a 'boerenjongens' (Dutch dish of raisins soaked in brandy) in the pub, watch the carpenter deftly wield a chisel and plane, get a clean shave at the barber, the feel the heat of the blacksmith's fire, and taste the famous pudding pie at the bakery. Don't forget to give it a good sprinkling of soft brown sugar!
We look forward to seeing you in Groede! 💛