Petite Paris
You can see the tower mill from 1841 and the Dutch Reformed Church from 1612 from afar when you arrive. The sea swallowed the original IJzendijke [Iezendieke] in West Zeelandic Flanders over five hundred years ago. Thanks to the Spanish Duke of Parma, the site was resurrected as a defensive stronghold a few kilometres further.
Prince Maurits
In 1604, during the Eighty Years' War, Prince Maurice expelled the Spaniards from 'their' Ysendijck fortress and immediately had the defences restored. Today, you can find Prins Maurits in the charming Market Square, sitting at a chessboard, thinking about his next strategic move.
Het Bolwerk Museum
Het Bolwerk Museum is located in one of the stately buildings on Market Square. Models, photographs, drawings, maps and objects take you back in time, from Maurits to Napoleon.
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